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 Nostalgia:your favourite younger years memories?

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PostSubject: Nostalgia:your favourite younger years memories?   Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:58 pm

I thought it would be nice if we shared our memories of our childhood.By looking back into our younger years,what do you remember that makes you happy? I'll start:

As a child I loved Christmas.Waking up on Christmas morning and finding presents on the end of my bed.Unwrapping them and feeling on top of the world.There were toys that I wanted.

Christmas food.Mum put on a Christmas meals including snack food in the mean time.

Going toy shopping with my cousin.He used to live around the corner from a toy shop.We would sit around reading the latest "Matchbox" toy catalogue then go into the shop and buy our next favourite.We would talk for ours about toy cars just like women with an Avon catalogue.

Velvetta cheese.Up until 1970 we had Kraft Velveeta cheese made in Australia.Long gone now.I had to get friends in USA and Canada to send some over.I swapped them some Aussie items they wanted.Loved the smell of melting cheese on toast in the morning.Its the only cheese I ate on its own.

I like looking back on my younger years.I collect 1970s vinyl records,those K-Tel records featuring the hits of each year.My teen years were one of the best eras in my life.

I collect old books from my childhood.Books I had at the time.I like to have items from the past that bring back wonderful memories.

Over the years I've tried to reunite with old friends of the past.I've told them how much I valued their friendship at the time and thanked them for being a wonderful part of my life at the time.Sometimes its a good thing.

Over to you.If you would like to contribute to this topic please do.You never know,it might just cheer someone up who's having a bad day.
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PostSubject: Re: Nostalgia:your favourite younger years memories?   Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:39 am

Playing Sonic the Hedgehog Video Games.
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Nostalgia:your favourite younger years memories?
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